UFCโ€™s Joaquin Buckley puts D.U.ST. guy to the test

    Detroit Urban Survival Training, also known as D.U.S.T, has been put under the ultimate test.

    UFC middleweight knockout artist Joaquin Buckley paid a visit to the D.U.S.T training facilities in Ferndale, Mich. to test out whether or not Dale Brownโ€™s tactics are as real as they look online.

    Brown has gone viral on social media in the last months for his wild maneuvers, escaping out of difficult situations such as being held at gunpoint with pistols, shotguns or rifles, being threatened by an attacker with a knife, or simple hand-to-hand combat.

    Buckley (13-4 MMA, 3-2 UFC), whoโ€™s been competing in the UFC for almost two years now, knows plenty about combat and going viral, as he scored one of the craziest knockouts in UFC history in late 2020, putting the lights out on Impa Kasanganay with a jumping, spinning back kick after Kasanganay had caught one of his kicks.

    Below you can see Buckley putting the Detroit Urban Survival Training tactics to the test:


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