Urijah Faber is interested in a ‘king of California’ fight with Cub Swanson

    Urijah Faber is interested in a โ€˜king of Californiaโ€™ fight with Cub Swanson

    When Cub Swanson won his fight on Dec. 18, he voiced his desire to fight in Palm Springs against a fellow California MMA icon โ€ฆ Urijah Faber.

    Now Faber has revealed his thoughts on that potential match-up.

    โ€œHonestly, I know he broke his hand. That might give me enough time to train,โ€ Faber said on Instagram on Jan. 6. โ€œHeโ€™s gonna drop down to 35s. We were supposed to fight back in 2004 with King of the Cage on short notice for a thousand bucks. I think they were gonna pay him a couple hundred bucks and pay me a thousand bucks. That never happened.

    โ€œCubby, Iโ€™m honored that Iโ€™m your dream fight here in this scenario, so we might find out who the king of California is. I donโ€™t know.โ€

    UFC president Dana White said he probably wouldnโ€™t book a fight in Palm Spring, but he didnโ€™t shoot down an idea of the two matched up at some point.

    The fight would be a long time coming as the pair has been matched up before, according to Faber.

    โ€œPeople love him, and people have loved me for years, so I think it always makes for a great fight,โ€ Swanson told MMA Junkie Radio. โ€œWe should have fought many, many times and just never did, so why not now? We should do it for an honorary WEC belt. They did the โ€˜BMFโ€™ belt, so why not? Throwback.โ€

    If the fight happened, who do you think would win.

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