Video: UFC’s Sean Strickland knocks sparring partner out cold

    The Sean Strickland gym saga carries on in 2022. A recent video is currently making the rounds online showing the 30-year-old UFC middleweight knocking a sparring partner out cold with a clean kick to the jaw.

    This one’s a bit tricky, the way I see it. While it can seem like he threw the kick with the intent of a knockout, it could also be that the shin landed cleanly on an undefended jaw, resulting in the way it did.

    In the past year alone, Strickland made the MMA headlines a few times because of some incidents during training. In June 2021, he got into a heated altercation with ADCC champion Orlando Sanchez during a grappling session. Sanchez supposedly torqued Strickland’s arm in what some deemed as a “dirty move,” causing the latter to lash out.

    Months later, he was seen throwing bombs on PFL champion Emiliano Sordi using four-ounce gloves with no headgear. Yet, despite such behavior, some see him as a “crazy, but cool” training partner.

    The number seven-ranked Strickland is scheduled to headline the UFC’s February 5th event against number six-ranked contender Jack Hermansson.

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