Welcome to the UFC: Pete Rodriguez

    Pete Rodriguez, UFC 270 official weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

    The first PPV of the new year, UFC 270, will see two title fights and a slew of debuts from the Contender Series season five winners. One of those will be Australian Jack Della Maddalena. He was supposed to fight Warlley Alves but the former TUF: Brazil winner pulled out. Now Maddalena is fighting fellow newcomer Pete Rodriguez.

    Pete โ€œDead Gameโ€ Rodriguez
    Standing at 5โ€™9โ€ณ
    Fighting at 170 lbs (welterweight)
    Fighting out of Tucson, Arizona, US
    Training out of Dominate MMA
    A pro record of 4-0
    4 KO/TKOs

    How will Rodriguez fare in the UFC:

    Rodriguez is getting thrown into the UFC way too early in his career. Heโ€™s finished all his fights inside one round. In fact, Rodriguezโ€™s combined fights wouldnโ€™t even equal a full round. Although heโ€™s treated his opponents as expected heโ€™s fought awful competition. Rodriguez is only 25 and would even be premature for a fight on the Contender Series. His resume of finishing fights helps his case but when you look into it there should be no exception.

    Coming in Rodriguez is labelled more of a jiu-jitsu guy but itโ€™s been his hands doing the work. There is some technique in what he throws. With that said you never see a lot of it since when he connects, guys go to sleep. Rodriguez will overdo it with his pressure but itโ€™s worked out for him due to his power. Not really sure how good his wrestling is nor his jiu-jitsu. He does have strong ground and pound but overall control is a question. Right now, Rodriguez is just too raw and not ready for the UFC. I could be wrong but heโ€™s a regional-level guy with a lot of power in his hands. There is still a lot of time for growth but it will be hard to get that in the UFC. More time on the regional scene could have been beneficial.

    How he matches up with Maddalena:

    If Rodriguez wants a stand and bang fight Maddalena will give it to him. Maddalena has been hit by power punchers before. Being hit too much is a concern of his but he can definitely take a punch. Rodriguez is just a big puncher where Maddalena throws punches, knees, elbows, and throws a lot of different looks. Heโ€™s far more technical and has more ways to win. Should be an easy fight for Maddalena given Rodriguez took the fight on short notice.

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