Who’s Bad? Michael Jackson impersonator subdues drunk with thrilling grappling skills

    The streets of Las Vegas are home to many wild and wonderful things. Recently they played host to a ‘thrilling’ contest between a drunk dude and a Michael Jackson impersonator. See how that went down in the video below:

    It’s hard to tell how all this started. But it appears as though the gentleman in the green shirt is trying to pick a fight with faux-MJ. At first the impersonator seems content to paw away the other guy’s flailing fists. However, after the suspected drunk throws a leg kick, our friend in the tight pants decides enough is enough.

    That’s when he hits a nifty trip and takes the action to the ground. On the concrete the MJ impersonator is able to get a choke-hold on his opponent. The action then peters out. However, the guy in the green seems eager for more of a beating.

    Let this serve as a reminder to everyone to just leave folks alone. Or else you might risk being on the wrong side of a viral beat down.

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