Will feud benefit UFC fighters?

    Where is this whole feud between UFC president Dana White and Jake Paul even going? Should we care?

    Those are questions a lot of MMA fans are asking themselves as they watch the rivalry between White and the YouTuber-turned-boxer continue to escalate with each passing exchange.

    White and Paul lobbing pot shots at each other has been going on for months now, but only in the past few weeks has it evolved into something more. After Paul accused White of being a cocaine addict ahead of his highlight-reel knockout of former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in December, the UFC boss came back and offered a challenge where he could be tested for the drug at any time over the next 10 years. In exchange, however, Paul would have to subject himself to performance-enhancing drug testing for the next two years.

    Paul’s counteroffer pushed things a run higher. He made a series of demands that included increased pay and benefits for UFC fighters, and additionally Paul said he would retire from boxing and join the UFC on a one-fight deal to face Jorge Masvidal.

    White largely dismissed Paul’s demands, and Paul subsequently put a five-day countdown for his offer to expire, which will arrive on Friday.

    The exchanges have brought something to the table during a lull period for live UFC events, but is it anything more than that? Is Paul changing the game, or exposing White and the UFC’s flaws to a greater audience?

    These are questions we debated on the latest episode of “Spinning Back Clique,” hosted by John Morgan and with panelists Mike Bohn, Nolan King and Brian Garcia.

    Watch the video above for the discussion on White vs. Paul, or check out the full episode below.

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