You’re A ‘Jerk’ If You Don’t Give Jake Paul Credit

    Chael Sonnen thinks Jake Paul deserves credit for successfully crossing over into the combat sports world.

    The YouTuber began pursuing a professional boxing career in 2020 and has managed to pick up five straight wins since then. However, Paul’s level of opposition has left a lot to be desired. The 24-year-old fought a fellow internet celebrity in his first fight before taking on a former NBA player next.

    After that, Paul fought Ben Askren, who is known for his elite-level wrestling skills and lack of striking ability. In the latter months of 2021, Paul twice fought Tyron Woodley. ‘The Chosen One’ was past his prime and riding a long losing streak. He also doesn’t have any background in striking but has scored some epics KOs through the years. The fights were close and unentertaining, but Paul managed to emerge victorious from both of them. In the first fight, he earned a split decision victory. In the rematch, Paul scored a one-punch KO win in the sixth round.

    Chael Sonnen Gives Jake Paul Props

    Paul is yet to earn the respect of many in the boxing world due to the fact he hasn’t even fought a boxer yet. The former Disney actor continues to call out undersized UFC stars. It’s clear he has no intention of climbing the rankings like every other boxing prospect.

    Despite not being everyone’s cup of tea, Paul has earned some praise for taking the unnecessary leap to combat sports. Former UFC and Bellator fighter Chael Sonnen is someone who thinks Paul deserves some credit. ‘The American Gangster’ even goes as far to say, if you don’t give Paul credit then you’re “a little bit of a jerk.”

    “When I tell you that it was a big deal that Jake took all those steps and all of a sudden he’s in there in front of the world, it doesn’t matter who his opponent was, that was a huge step after he has success and everybody tries to take it from him,” Sonnen said.

    “Okay, he needs to get in there with a fellow athlete, a fellow competitor, a fellow combat guy, he goes out there and does it successfully and he takes a huge leap which he had absolutely no business doing, get in there with a former world champion. So when you look at these gains and you don’t want to give Paul credit, you’re just being a little bit of a jerk.” (Transcribed by Sportskeeda)

    Do you agree with Chael Sonnen?

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